Lean Tweets/Links of the Week 06.07.10

by theleanthinker

Well, after having my blog chosen for a fellow bloggers Lean tweets of the week, I though I would also like to select my favourite tweets or links and share them here.  I am currently only following around 90 people on Twitter, so the selection of tweets to sift through is rather small, but I have found some great links and articles. Some links will be related to Lean aspects, but often I will include management articles, and other business related material.

Hopefully through this type of community sharing of links and articles, all of the people included will benefit.  If you aren’t already get following me on twitter TheLeanThinker. I often follow back too, so I may include your best tweets in future LTOTW.

So here goes:

1. A nice article showing that sometimes more features aren’t necessary, just a focused approach will prevail:
2. Yahoo sending blank cheques (or checks for those in the US). Have seen this RT a lot lately:
3. A great post about overcoming common problems when creating ‘buy-in’ within employees:
4. A slightly lighter blog post, which provides a more humorous way in which to implement Lean thinking:
5. Another great post from Robert Duckles on the importance of responsive reliable maintenance:

I hope these prove to be enjoyable reads, and if anyone finds some good articles, or other Lean posts feel free to tweet them @TheLeanThinker, or email them to TheLeanThinker@gmail.com I’ll no doubt include them in next weeks LTOTW.