Lean Tweets/Links of the Week 19.07.10

by theleanthinker

Well as I am currently travelling the world (currently in Adelaide, Australia) so my tweeting and blog updates have been few and far between. For this reason I have been unable to create my own blog posts, so will just post some links to other blogs and websites, which may prove interesting for the Lean enthusiasts out there.

As a side note if you aren’t already get following me on twitter, please do as I love being part of a growing network of Lean thinkers: TheLeanThinker. I always follow back Lean/management tweeters, so I may include your best tweets in future LTOTW.

So here goes:

1. Quite a long post, but its a good read, and even includes some videos to keep even those who lack concentration interested:
2. Lean culture is about “How”:
3. A great post from Chris Paulsen, a guy who has some great tweets:
4. Nissan – LAME or Lean:
5. A nice post regarding a playscape children’s outdoor toy assembly:

I hope these prove to be enjoyable reads, and if anyone finds some good articles, or other Lean posts feel free to tweet them @TheLeanThinker, or email them to TheLeanThinker@gmail.com I’ll try and include them in next weeks LTOTW.