Lean Tweets/Links of the Week 26.08.10

by theleanthinker

Again, due to my current travels this is my first blog post for over 5 weeks. I am a little disappointed that i haven’t had the time or internet to add more posts, but that’s the way it goes. For those who may be interested I am on my last leg of my travels, currently in San Francisco, so my usual regular posts should ensue within the coming weeks.

Also as a side note if you aren’t already get following me on twitter, please do as I love being part of a growing network of Lean thinkers: TheLeanThinker. I always follow back Lean/management tweeters, so I may include your best tweets in future LTOTW.

So here goes:

1. A good post which outlines simple steps to take when managing people. Easily printed out for a nice reminder on an office wall:
2. Ive been following this guy for a while on twitter (http://twitter.com/RDCushing) and he always includes some great tweets:
3. There have been various tweets and blog posts about the WSJ’s article on Lean, so here is a nice blog post which has sparked some discussion. Perhaps join in with your thoughts:
4. A new blog I found recently via twitter, with this being just part one of many (hopefully):
5. Finally a good post on defining a visual workplace:

I hope these prove to be enjoyable reads, and if anyone finds some good articles, or other Lean posts feel free to tweet them @TheLeanThinker, or email them to TheLeanThinker@gmail.com I’ll try and include them in next weeks LTOTW.