Lean Tweets/Links of the Week 23.11.10

by theleanthinker

Well as I am yet again behind on my blog posts I thought i’d share a new lean tweets of the week post. Although i’ve not been very active on Twitter recently, I have been regularly adding posts to my favourites so I can share them here.

Hopefully through this type of community sharing of links and articles, all of the people included will benefit. If you aren’t already get following me on twitter TheLeanThinker. I often follow back too, so I may include your best tweets in future LTOTW.

So here goes:

1. A nice funny post to get the list underway:
2. Yet another great post from ALeanJourney:
3. Aim your 5 Why’s well:
4. The lean equation from ALeanJourney:
5. A nice post from Business901 on the best way to go about developing training ideas:

I hope these prove to be enjoyable reads, and if anyone finds some good articles, or other Lean posts feel free to tweet them @TheLeanThinker, or email them to TheLeanThinker@gmail.com I’ll no doubt include them in next weeks LTOTW.