TheLeanThinker is returning

by theleanthinker

I have a confession to make. I’ve neglected this blog for some time now, and I’ve missed updating the site with news and topics of interest. Although I’ve not posted in well over a year, I have been busy working hard in the manufacturing world, in varying positions from team leading to planning engineering.

I have since completed my companies graduate scheme, and now I am “officially” a manufacturing engineer. As you can imagine, this role requires a solid knowledge of lean tools and techniques, and my previous 2 years training will be invaluable to my day t day job.

With this new position in mind, I plan on resurrecting theleanthinker blog in order to document the use of lean tools within the manufacturing world, but also to stay up to date with other bloggers and news.

On a side note, I have recently purchased an iPad so updates should be frequent. I am also planning on introducing some posts around lean/business iPad apps, including reviews and suggestions of how you can streamline your workflow through the use of current technologies.